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Rx Renew Gentle Toner


Rx Renew Gentle Toner

It's Down To A Science'

A next level upgrade to your routine and it's completely alcohol-free.  A freshening toner that invigorates skin by delivering moisture that hydrates and revitalizes. Our Rx Renew Gentle Toner transforms the texture of skin by releasing anti-oxidants and nutrient-rich fruit oils which nourish the skin. Your skin texture will appear more supple - even the most moisture-deficient skin will benefit from this superior hydrating toner.

Important note: Always use a toner after cleansing skin as left over residue from water can damage the surface of the skin. There has been studies on hard water and minerals in water that actually cause pre-mature aging and wrinkles.

Sensitive Skin

For all skin types.


  • Hydrates and revitalizes
  • Nutrient rich
  • skin texture more supple
  • PH balance
  • Clinical
  • Proven results

How To Use: Apply a small amount to a cotton pad square, sweep over face and neck area. Follow with your favorite serum then moisturizer.

FEATURE INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil, Cranberry Fruit Oil, Sodium PCA, Riboflavin, Aloe Vera Extract.