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Phyto-Restoration Toner (Sensitive) *NEW*


Phyto-Restoration Toner *NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH*

It's Down To A Science'

Our Phyto-Restoration Toner is a burst of hydration and active nourishment that your skin is lacking. This ultra mild botanical toner replenishes natural moisture levels and helps your skincare products absorb deeper in the skin. Clean up any left over dirt and oil after cleansing and improve over all skin health for a balanced complexion. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin. 

Also recommended for application following peels or during periods of sensitivity, this mild toner contains moisture binding actives which create an environment where new cells or damaged skin is encouraged to repair through natural processes. 

Highlighting Ingredients:

  • Sodium PCA: Powerful Humectant That Holds 7 Times Its Weight In Water
  • Pseudo Hyaluronic Acid: Draw Moisture Into Skin
  • Arnica and Chamomile: Balances and Calms Skin

Paraben Free.

Look forward to a calm, even-toned and youthful looking complexion.

How to use: Following cleansing, pat skin dry and dispense Toner on a cotton pad or straight into palms and then smooth into face and neck. Let absorb into skin. 


  • Delivers Burst of Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin 
  • Balances and Calm Skin with Chamomile and Arnica 
  • Helps Following Skincare Steps Absorb Deeper
  • Cleans Up Any Left Over Dirt and Oil 
  • Replenish Skin PH After Cleansing
  • PH Friendly, Color, Fragrance and Paraben-Free
  • Sensitive/Dry/Post Procedure
  • Proven results

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