Mission Statement: To Provide exceptional cosmetics and skin care for optimum health and beauty for the skin.

Theresa Taylor-Grutzeck is a Board-Certified, licensed Aesthetician and professional make-up artist and skin care specialist. As the founder of The Rouge Cosmetics,  she has dedicated her career to helping women achieve their beauty goals through healthy choices in cosmetics and superior skin care. With over 30 years of education, knowledge, and experience, Theresa is highly trained and qualified in the art of beauty and in advanced technologies in skin care. Whatever your concern, whatever your skin type, it is Theresa’s goal to give you the necessary beauty tools for a healthy complexion and a natural beautiful look.

The Rouge Cosmetic’s skin care and cosmetic collections were created in direct response to the challenges Theresa sees on a daily basis. She believes with the right education, women can achieve their goals for a healthy complexion and a beautiful, natural and polished look. She is honored to have the opportunity to work with women of all ages every day, teaching them how to care for and enhance their looks with superior cosmetics.

It is Theresa’s goal to offer you the necessary advanced technologies in skin care for a healthy complexion. Theresa has dedicated her professional career to finding solutions to skin health concerns. With this goal in mind, Ongrien Advanced Skin Care was developed, a complete line of advanced clinical skin care products to address the needs of all ages, skin types and concerns. Dedicated and committed to her craft, she spends countless hours attending cosmetic and advanced skin care seminars and researching the latest technologies in skin care products, new styles in cosmetic trends, and finding solutions to skin health concerns. Theresa worked with a team of skin care specialist and a pharmaceutical lab to developed Ongrien Advanced Skin Care, a complete line of advanced clinical skin care products to address the needs and concerns of women of all ages. She is constantly updating the Ongrien Advanced Skin Care Collection with her team of experts to give women the best in skin care options.

From 2003 to 2015, Theresa has been a professional make-up artist and skin care specialist at The Rouge Kiss and Make-Up in Danville, California. They moved April 1st, 2015 to 145 East Prospect Ave. Suite #100, in the heart of downtown Danville. They renamed the beauty boutique to, “The Rouge Cosmetics”.  Prior to founding The Rouge, Theresa worked inside an upscale salon in Blackhawk California for over 11 years.

While working at the salon she worked with Chanel 2, Fox KTVU, for over six years, applying make-up to professional football players from the San Francisco 49ers, who made television appearances on “The 49er Playbook”, with Mark Ebenez.

After graduating the prestigious Yamono Beauty College in Los Angeles in 1979, Teen Magazine hired her to apply make-up for celebrity photo shoots and Teen Covers. She has worked on many movies in Hollywood including The Blues Brothers, The Elvis Presley Story, Zorro, and many others. She has worked with  A-list celebrities applying make-up in both television and film.

She is extremely knowledgeable in applying make-up for women who have had  post-surgical enhancements, helping them choose the correct make-up colors to conceal imperfections while healing, making the enhanced surgery look even more natural and beautiful than ever.

From 2007 to present, Theresa is also a regular skin care and cosmetic beauty contributor for Alive Magazine, where she shares her insights on new technologies in skin care, new trends in make-up and beauty fashion tips.

In 2013 and 2014, Theresa took advanced courses at JFK University’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL), where she learned of recent advancements and new technologies in business to further help women and inspire new ideas for The Rouge Cosmetics.