Clear Skin System

Clear Skin System

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  • 1 Deep Purifying Cleanser

    This new technology in acne control deeply cleanses the pores, while washing away impurities.  A new blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid destroys pathogenic bacteria on contact.  In addition, our special deep pore cleanser reduces blemishes and helps to balance oily skin conditions.
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  • 2 Clarifying Facial Toner

    Intense treatment for problem skin. Our mild cooling deep pore toner helps to soothe irritated inflamed skin conditions. Kills bacteria on contact and minimizes breakouts. Helps to control problematic skin and balance oily skin. Use daily to minimize breakouts and irritation.
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  • 3 Zone Control Treatment

    Our exclusive oil-free Zone Control Treatment, balances acne-prone and overstressed skin.  Infused with 0.5% Salicylic Acid, this intensive oil balancing treatment will help control acne and oily skin types. An important step in the maintenance of clear and healthy skin. For acne and oily skin types.
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  • 4 Blemish Erase

    An outstanding acne relief formula made with a blend of calamine, 10% sulfur, and Salicylic Acid to combat painful and unsightly blemishes.
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  • 5 Glycolic Gel Cellular Micro Exfoliation

    Ongrien Technologies has designed a lightweight exfoliating gel formula with glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, to provide substantial exfoliation to improve and smooth the complexion, while reducing uneven pigmentation. Our Glycolic Gel Cellular Micro Exfoliation, brightens skin's clarity and skin tone, for a more refined, smoother complexion. For all skin types.
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  • 9 Daily Benefits Lotion SPF 30

    A luxurious chemical-free, waterproof sunscreen made with 7.5% transparent zinc oxide, 2.4% titanium dioxide, MMPI peptides and beta-carotene, to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, as well as rejuvenating the skin's overall appearance.
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  • Glycolic Face Cream

    This unique 8%, Glycolic Acid formulation, exfoliates and smooths the skin, while it lightens uneven pigmentation. Lightly textured, this gentle exfoliation brightens skin's clarity and skin tone. Daily use leads to a more refined and smoother complexion.
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  • Organic Blemish Clay Masque

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  • Organic Sea Kelp Scrub

    A highly effective treatment masque that will help repair problem skin, minimize breakouts, and lift embedded impurities. This highly effective Sea Kelp Masque kills pathogenic bacteria known to cause breakouts.  
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