Anti-Aging System

Anti-Aging System

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  • 1 Papaya Cleanser

    Our high powered deep pore papaya enzyme formula foams "On Contact", deeply pulling impurities out from pores to clean debris, allowing skin to function properly.  Enriched with gentle papaya exfoliating enzymes, it completely removes and purifies the skin, both on the surface and deep within the pores.
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  • 1 Skin Glow Facial Toner

    Our Skin Glow Facial Toner smooths and improves skin's appearance, while gently exfoliating the surface. A mild anti-aging, alcohol-free blend of Salicylic and Glycolic Acid, minimizes the appearance of large pores and is highly effective for dry, flaky, and mature skin types.  
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  • 1 Soft Grain Scrub

    Our very popular Soft Grain Scrub is an aggressive exfoliant, yet mild enough for all skin types.  It will smooth the surface of the skin and dramatically improve the complexion, giving the skin a youthful healthy glow.  Our intensive exfoliant treats the causes of dry skin and large pores by performing three modes of action. 1. Gently lifts off dead skin cells.  2.  Effectively unclogs pores.  3. Safely polishes skin's surface without irritation. Ideal for everyday.
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  • 10 Ultra Defense Lotion SPF 36

    Using state-of-the-art protection, this unique SPF 36 sunscreen, with Titanium Dioxide will provide the skin with extra anti-aging benefits.  Enriched with powerful vitamins and antioxidants it will provide the skin from future sun exposure and sun damage. Ideal for everyday.  Formulated for sensitive skin types. Non-Greasy formula.
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  • 5 Advanced Eye Therapy Serum

    Advanced Eye Therapy Serum instantly firms and tightens eye contour, minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Formulated to produce dramatic smoothing visible effects.
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  • 6 Premier Firming Eye Cream

    Our intense firming and hydrating anti-aging eye cream, instantly firms, smooths and tightens the eye area, reducing the appearance of puffiness and minimizing dark circles. Formulated to produce dramatic visible effects in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
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  • 7 Extreme Neuropeptide Serum

    Our Extreme Neuropeptide Serum is loaded with powerful antioxidants and superior Neuropeptides that work at the cellular level of the skin to firm and to accelerate repair, while improving the surface of the skin.
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  • 7 Face Firming Complex

    Ongrien Technologies formulated a highly powered antioxidant that includes, DMAE, Lipoic Acid, Ester-C and Co-enzymes to reduce the signs of aging.  Our popular Face Firming Complex antioxidant moisturizer, is a powerful treatment to improve the skins overall appearance and to restore youthfulness.
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  • 7 Lipid Drops

    Ongrien Technologies formulated Lipid Drops to help restore moisture back into the skin. Immediately and dramatically hydrates the surface of the skin back to a baby-soft smoothness, while replenishing the skin's lipid barrier. Daily use helps to restore skin's ceramides, smoothness and instantly improves dryness.
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  • Advanced Retinol

    7 Retinol Drops

    Our exclusive Retinol Drops helps to improve skin texture, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and helps fade uneven pigmentation. This highly active anti-aging treatment will gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, dramatically reducing brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
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  • 8 Age Defying Smoothing Masque

    This sensational antioxidant powerhouse Age Defying Smoothing Masque, delivers an intense surge of soothing hydrating nourishment, to relieve dry skin. After the first application, skin feels smooth and velvety, while the complexion is restored to a vibrant rosy glow.
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  • 8 Supreme Firming Neck and Chest Cream

    Our Supreme Firming Neck and Chest Therapy contains a combination of highly advanced Ceramides, Evening Primrose and Peptides to address neck area concerns where the signs of age first appear.  This unique formulation helps tone, firm and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin's overall elasticity and thickness while nourishing and hydrating skin.
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  • 8 Vitamin-C 20

    Vita-C 20 Brightening Cream leaves the skin feeling silky smooth with a healthy radiance, while hydrating and smoothing the surface.  Vita-C 20 features L-Ascorbic acid - a stable, water soluble form of  Vitamin C that boosts the skins ability to protect against the effects of environmental free radical and photo damage.
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  • 9 Formula 20 Peptide Complex

    Exclusive to Ongrien Technologies, this outstanding anti-aging peptide cream helps to improve the texture of the skin, while deeply hydrating the surface,smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  This Super potent formula also helps to regenerate, tighten and nourish the skin, while helping to combat nitrogen and oxygen free radical damage.
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