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Skin Care

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  • ‘Chill’ Loosen Up Smoothing Scrub

    Our exclusive Loosen Up Smoothing Scrub is an invigorating scrub that exfoliates the top layer of skin leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Vigorous scrubbing action helps stimulate circulation and enhances the appearance of the skin.  Great To use before self tanners for even application.
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  • “Chill” Take it Easy Sunscreen

    Take It Easy SPF 30 Sunscreen is formulated for individuals who have sensitive skin. It is a very light weight lotion that is non sticky, made with Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc, and Vitamin E to promote healthy skin. For best results apply 20 minutes before sun exposure.  
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  • 1 Deep Purifying Cleanser

    This new technology in acne control deeply cleanses the pores, while washing away impurities.  A new blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid destroys pathogenic bacteria on contact.  In addition, our special deep pore cleanser reduces blemishes and helps to balance oily skin conditions.
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  • 1 Nutritive Cleanser

    Ongrien Technologies has designed a ultra sensitive, vitamin enriched, facial cleanser to gently dissolve debris, while nourishing the delicate skin.  A mild, non-drying formula removes impurities and hydrates the surface of the skin. This wonderful Nutritive Cleanser will provide deep pore cleansing, while softening and conditioning sensitive skin. Follow with our sensitive Perfecting Toner for maximum benefits.  
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  • 1 Ongrien Self Tanner

    Our highly popular Ongrien Sunless Tanner was designed to give the skin a true and beautiful sun tanned glow. The unique formula goes on clear, working with your own natural melanin giving the skin that ultimate natural suntan look. Will tan the skin three shades darker than your own natural skin tone color. No orange color. Will not rub off on clothes. No harsh scent.
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  • 1 Papaya Cleanser

    Our high powered deep pore papaya enzyme formula foams "On Contact", deeply pulling impurities out from pores to clean debris, allowing skin to function properly.  Enriched with gentle papaya exfoliating enzymes, it completely removes and purifies the skin, both on the surface and deep within the pores.
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  • 1 Revitalizing Antioxidant Cleanser

    A nourishing, conditioning and hydrating gel cleanser, formulated with advanced antioxidant technology. Non-drying that delivers anti-aging benefits with photo-aging protection. Smooths the surface of the skin, leaving the complexion radiant. Use at night for optimum benefits.
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  • 1 Skin Glow Facial Toner

    Our Skin Glow Facial Toner smooths and improves skin's appearance, while gently exfoliating the surface. A mild anti-aging, alcohol-free blend of Salicylic and Glycolic Acid, minimizes the appearance of large pores and is highly effective for dry, flaky, and mature skin types.  
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  • 1 Soft Grain Scrub

    Our very popular Soft Grain Scrub is an aggressive exfoliant, yet mild enough for all skin types.  It will smooth the surface of the skin and dramatically improve the complexion, giving the skin a youthful healthy glow.  Our intensive exfoliant treats the causes of dry skin and large pores by performing three modes of action. 1. Gently lifts off dead skin cells.  2.  Effectively unclogs pores.  3. Safely polishes skin's surface without irritation. Ideal for everyday.
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  • 1 Vitamin-C Cleanser

    This wonderful Vitamin-C Cleanser, is an extra mild exfoliant that is non-drying and helps to remove impurities deep within the skin.  This highly active anti-aging cleanser helps improve tone, clarity and texture, unveiling skin's natural radiance.  Suitable for all skin types, though especially recommended for dry and combination skin.
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  • 10 Ultra Defense Lotion SPF 36

    Using state-of-the-art protection, this unique SPF 36 sunscreen, with Titanium Dioxide will provide the skin with extra anti-aging benefits.  Enriched with powerful vitamins and antioxidants it will provide the skin from future sun exposure and sun damage. Ideal for everyday.  Formulated for sensitive skin types. Non-Greasy formula.
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  • 2 Clarifying Facial Toner

    Intense treatment for problem skin. Our mild cooling deep pore toner helps to soothe irritated inflamed skin conditions. Kills bacteria on contact and minimizes breakouts. Helps to control problematic skin and balance oily skin. Use daily to minimize breakouts and irritation.
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  • 2 Exfoliating Anti-Aging Cleanser

    Powered by renewal epidermal science technology, this potent yet gentle anti-aging exfoliant will deeply refine the surface of the skin. It combines the benefits of non-abrasive enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin, along with effective moisturizers that will hydrate and soften the skin. Leaving the complexion healthy and smooth.
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  • 2 Perfecting Toner

    Our sensitive Perfecting Toner with peptides, helps to revive and refine the surface of the skin, while improving and protecting against photo aging. Ideal for dry parched skin as it provides deep hydration.  Provides antioxidant cellular repair. Alcohol-free.
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  • 3 Skin Smoothing Enzyme Scrub

    Our exclusive, gentle, every day facial exfoliant smooths and detoxifies skin. Formulated with unique and powerful enzymes that dissolve surface debris, while jojoba beads gently polish skin. The surface of the skin is left feeling extra smooth and pores are deeply cleansed. Can be used daily.  
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  • 3 Vitamin C Peptide Toner

    This new skin care technology uses a blend of Vitamin C with Peptides that will provide antioxidant protection to help fight free radical damage and increase hydration, leaving the skin replenished and protected.
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  • 3 Zone Control Treatment

    Our exclusive oil-free Zone Control Treatment, balances acne-prone and overstressed skin.  Infused with 0.5% Salicylic Acid, this intensive oil balancing treatment will help control acne and oily skin types. An important step in the maintenance of clear and healthy skin. For acne and oily skin types.
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  • 4 Blemish Erase

    An outstanding acne relief formula made with a blend of calamine, 10% sulfur, and Salicylic Acid to combat painful and unsightly blemishes.
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  • 5 Advanced Eye Therapy Serum

    Advanced Eye Therapy Serum instantly firms and tightens eye contour, minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Formulated to produce dramatic smoothing visible effects.
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  • 5 Calendula Cream

    Balancing formula for oily skin. This highly clinical advanced non-oily treatment helps to heal scaring, balance oily skin and reduce redness due to breakouts.
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  • 5 Glycolic Gel Cellular Micro Exfoliation

    Ongrien Technologies has designed a lightweight exfoliating gel formula with glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, to provide substantial exfoliation to improve and smooth the complexion, while reducing uneven pigmentation. Our Glycolic Gel Cellular Micro Exfoliation, brightens skin's clarity and skin tone, for a more refined, smoother complexion. For all skin types.
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  • 5 Ongrien BB Cream

    Our clinically advanced Ongrien BB Cream is the perfect lightweight foundation for everyday. With sun protection SPF 30, it is paraben-free.  It defends and deflects against the harmful rays of the sun, while protecting the skin of future damage. This highly advanced all-in-one moisturizer contains valuable peptides, a primer, tint and a skin corrector.  This lightweight formula comes in three colors and goes on smooth and natural, just like second skin.
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  • 5 Regeneration Anti-Aging Cream All-In-One Antioxidant

    Our Regeneration Anti-Aging Cream with DMAE and Lipoic Acid, is a superior  concentrate with powerful antioxidants to create an unrivaled all-in-one antioxidant that helps skin defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals, while dramatically smoothing the surface and repairing the cells deep within the skin.  DMAE known for it's instant anti-aging face lift benefits, it increases firmness, brightness and dramatically reduces fine lines.
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  • 6 Premier Firming Eye Cream

    Our intense firming and hydrating anti-aging eye cream, instantly firms, smooths and tightens the eye area, reducing the appearance of puffiness and minimizing dark circles. Formulated to produce dramatic visible effects in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
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