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Ongrien Self Tanner


Ongrien Self Tanner

Our highly popular Ongrien Sunless Tanner was designed to give the skin a true and beautiful sun tanned glow. The unique formula goes on clear, working with your own natural melanin giving the skin that ultimate natural suntan look. Will tan the skin three shades darker than your own natural skin tone color. No orange color. Will not rub off on clothes no streaking. No harsh scent.

  • True natural tan
  • Unscented
  • Bronze glow
  • Goes on evenly
  • No Streaking

How To Use: Scrub the body with a non-oily exfoliant. Apply to legs, neck, chest, arms, stomach and face. Massage well into the skin leave on for 45 minutes before putting on clothes. You will see results in one hour.