Spa Products

  • loosenupsmoothingscrub

    ‘Chill’ Loosen Up Smoothing Scrub

    Our exclusive Loosen Up Smoothing Scrub is an invigorating scrub that exfoliates the top layer of skin leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Vigorous scrubbing action helps stimulate circulation and enhances the appearance of the skin.  Great To use before self tanners for even application.
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  • relaxingbodylotion

    “Chill” Relaxing Body Lotion

    Our Relaxing Body Lotion is formulated with our own custom blend of Vitamin A & E, and soothing botanicals that will leave your skin super hydrated, smooth and beautifully healthy. This wonderful and unique lotion includes a moisture lock, to naturally protect  while repairing the tone and texture of the skin. Ideal for Sensitive Skin Types.
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  • takeiteasy

    “Chill” Take it Easy Sunscreen

    Take It Easy SPF 30 Sunscreen is formulated for individuals who have sensitive skin. It is a very light weight lotion that is non sticky, made with Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc, and Vitamin E to promote healthy skin. For best results apply 20 minutes before sun exposure.  
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  • unwindbodycleanser

    “Chill” Unwind Body Cleanse

    Our Unwind Body Cleanse combines an invigorating scent with a lather enhancing formula for extra refreshment. The rich foamy lather will leave the skin rejuvenated, nourished, while its blend of vitamins and botanicals create an uplifting medley that awakens and refreshes the senses.
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  • Collagen_Masque

    Organic Collagen Masque

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  • Honey_And_Almond_Scrub

    Organic Honey and Almond Scrub

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  • Hyaluronic_masque

    Organic Hyaluronic Masque

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  • Nature's Pure Organics Marine Peel

    Organic Marine Peel

    Our Organic Marine Peel gently yet deeply exfoliates the surface of the skin while removing dryness and flakiness. A gentle exfoliating gel for sensitive skin types. Skin will be incredibly smooth and radiant.
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  • Radiant_Renewel

    Organic Radiant Renewel Scrub

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  • sea-kelp-scrub

    Organic Sea Kelp Scrub

    A highly effective treatment masque that will help repair problem skin, minimize breakouts, and lift embedded impurities. This highly effective Sea Kelp Masque kills pathogenic bacteria known to cause breakouts.  
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  • ultra defense lotion

    10 Ultra Defense Lotion SPF 36

    Using state-of-the-art protection, this unique SPF 36 sunscreen, with Titanium Dioxide will provide the skin with extra anti-aging benefits.  Enriched with powerful vitamins and antioxidants it will provide the skin from future sun exposure and sun damage. Ideal for everyday.  Formulated for sensitive skin types. Non-Greasy formula.
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  • DSC_0404

    5 Bourbon Vanilla Spray Parfume

    This sensual and natural scent is flirtatious, modern and enchanting. Made for royalty, be prepared to spoil yourself or someone you love!!!
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  • dailybenefitslotion

    9 Daily Benefits Lotion SPF 30

    A luxurious chemical-free, waterproof sunscreen made with 7.5% transparent zinc oxide, 2.4% titanium dioxide, MMPI peptides and beta-carotene, to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, as well as rejuvenating the skin's overall appearance.
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